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Dynamic Faith

Posted by Mark D. Titman on July 28, 2011 at 12:01 PM Comments comments (1)

Tthe dynamism of faith is the constant and open-minded seeking of all things Godly...knowing that (and accepting that) all knowledge is but another step on a journey that we are neither equipped to undertake and are ultimately doomed to realize.

The unity issues we have created stem from protecting that which we think is more important than the ultimate reliance on the Grace of God...that some of us genuinely feel that we should be preservers instead of conservators.

That when one stops growing in faith... and working toward that trust that acknowledges we will be wrong on some things...maybe a lot of things... and right (or close enough to right) on others...we all miss the mark set and fail to emulate Him who was sent as example.

The black and white of the Gospel of Salvation should not be a club...nor should it be a rampart from which to call down on the masses.

To say to anyone 'leave me be...I have the truth" (read: unammended and CGAF are welcome to attend but must be asked not to partake of the emblems) I can only view as a form of protectionism that is scripturally unwarranted...and, I fear, an example of a less than dynamic faith.

Let's be honest...good and humble people exist who struggle daily within the body to adjust rather than adhere... to accept rather than expect... who can perceive within themselves the folly of continued separation on the interpretation of things that are neither egregiously false scripturally nor capable of turning men into unreasoning automatons by their declaration.

Mistakes are practice...sometimes, in what serves us as righteousness. To label these as faults only of one side or another is to continue the separation that must, by its own nature, continue to separate in self-serving manner.