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For many people, life doesn't make sense -- "Why has ~ this happened, what is wrong with my life and our  world?"


In December 1944 an event happened that could have changed the outcome of World War 11. The Allied army was experiencing success and moving steadily across Western Europe. At this point a counter attack was launched, the decisive battle which became known as the "Battle of the Bulge". Why was this battle almost lost? It seems that a few days before, German soldiers dressed in American uniforms had been parachuted behind the allied forces lines. Their mission was to drive where the Allied army was expected to travel and either take down the signs or move them to point the wrong way. The result was that the Allied army almost lost this battle.

What's the point? We live in a time when many of the signposts have been torn down or changed. Should we really wonder why for many people life doesn't make sense! If the signs are changed there is no way we can find our direction. People get disoriented. They are bombarded with so much contradicting information, they do not know anymore which one to trust. It is our privilege to use the many possibilities of internet to point people to Christ as the Way, Truth and Life. It is our joy when we hear from many how they are discovering a true direction for their lives.

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