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Sometimes peple ask: > I would like to know what you think makes one a 'truly consecrated Christian'? In other words, what do you think Jesus sees when he looks into somebody's heart and sees and says to himself that, that person is a 'truly consecrated Christian'?

What makes/is required for one to be classified as 'anointed of the holy spirit' ?

What makes one classified/is required to be a 'truly consecrated Christian'?<

Dedication is an important step, dedication comes first then baptism. Yyou will not find the words "dedicate" or "consecrate" in the NT. There is no requirement in the NT for Christ's disciples to dedicate themselves before baptism. Several people heard, believed and got baptized.

Christians are called, they are called by God. It is their heart that God moves and he moves it by means of his word and his spirit.

2Co 1:21,22 "Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and anointed us is God, who also sealed us and gave us the Spirit in our hearts as a pledge."

At some point in a Christians life God spirit anoints him, his heart is moved towards the Father, he or she is impelled toward the Father, they need him. They cry out in their hearts "Abba" to him or in our vernacular a kind of "Daddy" relationship a close Father and Son relationship is instilled in the individual.

No book or manual can do this for us. A Christian may receive God's spirit before his baptism as Cornelius did, he may receive God's spirit soon after his baptism or God's spirit may come upon him years after his baptism.

Jesus did not call too many of the noble or well learned or well read to be in close association with him this was not his way, it is not the Father's way. Our Father calls the nobody's of this world that way we will not feel too exalted. We are nothing and no one.

So, dear friend, my advice to you is to let all anxiety over this go (that is if these questions are still on your mind). Let your mind and heart be at peace, read God's word, pray and be at peace. Jehovah loves and cares for you. Jesus is not expecting your heart to be in full dedication mode 24/7 before he extends his hand to you. Remember Peter and Paul, they were not models of love and dedication to God when the Christ first extended his hand to them.

Leave all things in God's hands and in the end everything will be known and we will have all that is important; our Father, his Son, our families, and our brothers and sisters in the faith, peace and wisdom.


Much love to you,

(after a writing from "1997" on Restoration Light Bible Discussions)

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