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To come to God, onemust first get to know God. The bestway for this is throughHis Word.

God has provided the humanbeings with letters written toHis people, through recording by elect. These chosen men by God wereshepherds, fishermen, doctors, teachers,priests, scholars, kings and prophets.They took care that we have the recordedhistory of humanity and can find the reports of howGod has guided men.

Ifwe would like to know God it is just not right only to keep to one or just afew Books from the Holy Scriptures. There are more Holy Books than the Gospels.In those New Testament writings Jesus told us a lot about his Father andexplained quite a bit from the Old Writings or Torah. Jesus recommended us toget to know his Father better by listening to His Word in the Torah. By timethe Word of God grew and today we can find it brought together as 66 books in One Bible.

Youcan use the Bible as a manual check,that the creator of the universe has given to its inhabitants, so that those with theaccompanying notes can get a picture how it all must be “assembled"and ensure" that everythingworks '. Our Creator has giventhe Book which providesfor instruction and guidance, intended to convey knowledgeof God.

“Everyscripture, [is] God-breathed, and profitable--unto teaching, unto conviction,unto correction, unto the discipline that is in righteousness, -- In orderthat, ready, may be the man, of God, unto every good work, being well-prepared.”(2 Timothy 3:16-17 Rotherham)

Wehope we shall beallowed to continue with you to explore and to find out more about our Creator and His Planwith us and the world. On our trip we realize that God may guide usknowing our limitations and needsto understand and therefore He will be willing to helpto bring us together in the Investigationof Truth.

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